Installation with Docker

Install Docker

See Docker documentation to install Docker on your system.

Build Dockerfile

Download AMD-APP-SDK-v3.0-0.113.50-Beta-linux64, paste it to the directory with Dockerfile in it and run:

$ docker build -t docker .

This will build the image of opensuse 13.1, install all dependencies, AMD drivers, ufo-core, ufo-filters and ufo-ir on it.

Use Docker

Run installed image in a new Docker container and use gpu in it:

$ docker run -i -t --device=/dev/ati/card0 docker /bin/bash

See all created containers:

$ docker ps

See all created images:

$ docker images

Stop a running container:

$ docker stop #ID_or_container_name

Start a stopped container:

$ docker start #ID_or_container_name

Attach to a running container:

$ docker attach #ID_or_container_name

For more help run:

$ docker --help

If you need the container IP, call in a running container:

$ cd etc
$ vi hosts