Installation with Docker

Before, proceeding have a look at the Docker documentation and install Docker on your system.


Depending on the GPUs in your system you have to use a different Dockerfile. Before doing so, create an empty directory and copy the respective Dockerfile from the docker directory and rename it to Dockerfile. In the case of the AMD-based Dockerfile you have to download AMD-APP-SDK-v3.0-0.113.50-Beta-linux64, and move it into the same directory. Now go into the directory and type:

$ docker build -t ufo .

This will build an image tagged ufo containing both ufo-core and ufo-filters.

Usage on AMD

Run the image in a new Docker container using:

$ docker run -it --device=/dev/ati/card0 ufo

Usage on NVIDIA

Install nvidia-docker and run:

$ nvidia-docker run -it ufo